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Does it feel like other people get the good stuff, not you?

Do you worry that you repel rather than attracting what you want?

• Is it hard to believe you could be wildly abundant and truly loved?

If you long for unconditional love yet have never felt it,

this class is for you.


If you dream of being wealthy but can’t imagine how,

this class is for you.


If you wish to like and love yourself wholeheartedly,

this class is for you.

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In this experiential masterclass,

Dr. Sam shares an original groundbreaking embodiment practice that brings you into lasting alignment with the frequency of unconditional wealth and love.


After one session, you will have the tools to never feel empty again.


Dr. Sam guides you through a process of alchemizing old pain to create a new internal setpoint of love, abundance and joy.

In this class, you will:


· Discover the real reason why you have been deprived of what you want

· Orient to all the goodness and abundance that’s already here

· Digest and assimilate real love so it becomes a part of you forever

·  Give up the hustle to become receptive and magnetic

·  Embody your worth and create a life of luxurious ease


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This masterclass is unlike other programs that teach you how to manifest. You’ve done those, and they don’t always work.


This is about shedding inherited family patterns and becoming a new version of yourself who automatically attracts your highest wishes, without effort.






About Dr. Sam


After eighteen years of practicing psychotherapy, Dr. Sam has moved on from her psychology career and developed her own approach: Source Code.


Source Code goes beyond psychology to focus on the spiritual dimension of healing. The goal is not to cure symptoms, but to allow individuals to connect with their true essence, which vibrates with ease, joy and love. 


Dr. Sam believes that our early childhood experience writes a source code in our unconscious, which then determines the rest of the way that our story unfolds. She helps individuals rewrite their code for a healthier, more beautiful life.

Dr. Sam is the owner and director at the Source Code Center in Los Angeles, where she guides a team of Source Code Conduits, who hold space for people to shed their defenses and step into wholeness.


Dr. Sam is the author of a forthcoming book from Harper Wave Publishers about the 12 Coping Styles we adopt during childhood, which helped us then and hurt us now, and how we can heal. Her process of discovering the Coping Styles required a decade of rigor, both in her previous professional role as psychologist and in her deep inner work of personal transformation. Sam's hope is for the book to be used as an owner’s manual for the Self—to bring positive change in the ways we relate with ourselves and others, and in how we parent our children.

Dr. Sam believes that with enough support, good boundaries, and real love, we are all capable of becoming who we really are.


“After embarking on this journey with Dr. Sam, I was struck with a fierce sense of clarity. It feels as though I have woken up to the beauty of my life and I cannot look away from its brilliance.”


-Victoria Frenner, MFT

“I have been in some form of therapy for most of my life. Nothing shook me so deeply as when I started incorporating Dr. Sam’s work into my being. I have been able to shift from old stories and patterns into a more satiated, full, healed living experience. I have learned how to embody good, whole, abundant feelings and really digest them all the way down to my core.” 


-Lauren Burt, LMFT


“Learning about the Coping Styles has felt like being embraced by a warm hug after a long journey home. I know it is truth because it resonates deep in my bones. Dr. Sam is a gift to the world. She’s channeled this knowledge right from Source and I’m grateful to learn from her.”


- Stevie Wright, Life Coach & Breathwork Facilitator


“I had been looking my entire life for answers to questions about who I am and why I am the way I am, and despite countless efforts for decades, I never found those answers until now. My seeking drew me to Sam, and she has completely transformed my life. Through coming to understand my Coping Styles, I have noticed incredible shifts in my life and the way I show up in the world. It turns out there’s an entire world of beauty, magic, and ease that I had been missing.”


-Marielle Skouras, AMFT


"Dr. Sam has helped me shift my life in so many ways. I have always fallen in similar patterns and couldn't understand why, or how to get out. Learning about my Coping Styles has helped me not only to understand, but also to create healthier patterns that are more aligned with who I truly am. Because of Dr. Sam I have become abundant, centered, spacious, and whole!! I am so grateful for this work and cannot recommend it enough."


—Ariel Robles, AMFT

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Masterclass Format


In the is 44-minute zoom experiential masterclass, Dr. Sam will teach a groundbreaking embodiment practice for unlocking The Alchemy of Abundance.

By purchasing, you will be granted access to the Alchemy of Abundance replay through Hightail. The replay will expire 14 days after you receive access and you can view the masterclass an unlimited amount of times during that window. Please allow the team two business days to grant you access from the time of purchase and you will receive the notification at the email you use at checkout. 

The cost is $44.