Would you like to experience yourself and your world in a whole new way?


Dr. Sam has spent the last decade discovering the 12 childhood wounds that hold us back from embodying Who We Really Are…as well as powerful, radically effective embodiment tools for healing.


About Dr. Sam


Dr. Sam Rader is a depth psychologist, truth seeker and student of life. She is joyfully obsessed with why we are the way we are and what we can do about it. 


After seventeen years of clinical practice, Dr. Sam has created a new approach to therapy, which involves identifying and healing our Coping Styles—the outdated psychological defense mechanisms in the way of our wholeness.


Dr. Sam is currently authoring a book set to debut in 2022 with Harper Wave Publishers about the 11 Coping Styles we adopt during childhood, which helped us then and hurt us now, and how we can heal.

Sam’s process of discovering the Styles required a decade of rigor, both in her professional role and in her deep inner work of personal transformation.

Her hope is to bring positive change in the ways we relate with ourselves and others, and in how we parent our children.

Sam believes that with enough support, good boundaries and real love, we are all capable of becoming who we really are.

Join her for an individual 4-month coaching program where you will receive all the support you need to let go of old patterns and create the life you desire. 


The cost is $4,444 and can be paid in four monthly installments if needed. 


You will meet twice per month on zoom for live coaching, plus you will have homework assignments and email access to Sam between meetings. 


After you dissolve your outdated defense mechanisms with Dr. Sam, you will leave feeling free, alive, embodied and empowered. 




“After embarking on this journey with Dr. Sam, I was struck with a fierce sense of clarity. It feels as though I have woken up to the beauty of my life and I cannot look away from its brilliance.”


-Victoria Frenner, MFT

“I have been in some form of therapy for most of my life. Nothing shook me so deeply as when I started incorporating Dr. Sam’s work into my being. I have been able to shift from old stories and patterns into a more satiated, full, healed living experience. I have learned how to embody good, whole, abundant feelings and really digest them all the way down to my core.” 


-Lauren Burt, LMFT


“Learning about the Coping Styles has felt like being embraced by a warm hug after a long journey home. I know it is truth because it resonates deep in my bones. Dr. Sam is a gift to the world. She’s channeled this knowledge right from Source and I’m grateful to learn from her.”


- Stevie Wright, Life Coach & Breathwork Facilitator


“I had been looking my entire life for answers to questions about who I am and why I am the way I am, and despite countless efforts for decades, I never found those answers until now. My seeking drew me to Sam, and she has completely transformed my life. Through coming to understand my Coping Styles, I have noticed incredible shifts in my life and the way I show up in the world. It turns out there’s an entire world of beauty, magic, and ease that I had been missing.”


-Marielle Skouras, AMFT


"Dr. Sam has helped me shift my life in so many ways. I have always fallen in similar patterns and couldn't understand why, or how to get out. Learning about my Coping Styles has helped me not only to understand, but also to create healthier patterns that are more aligned with who I truly am. Because of Dr. Sam I have become abundant, centered, spacious, and whole!! I am so grateful for this work and cannot recommend it enough."


—Ariel Robles, AMFT