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“I have never experienced life with as little fear as I have now.”

Source Code Coaching is the process of working 1:1 with a Source Code Solvent to uncover and integrate unconscious patterns so that you can live from your higher self and create the life you want.


We are called Solvents because we dissolve brittle defense mechanisms, resolve childhood wounds and solve recurring problems. 


We do this by making the unconscious conscious, by teaching you how to tune into messages from your higher self, by embodying a new reference of divine love, and by empowering you to become a master of the symbolic realm so that you can rewrite your own code.


“Thank you for creating a space and offering me the experience of being safe. Safe enough in my body to stay. Safe enough to be vulnerable, to breathe, to feel. Safe enough to change.” –Source Code Client

“Source Code brings such beautiful articulation to the deepest parts of the human experience. I have never felt so seen, so understood nor so hopeful in my life. The way that I show up for myself, my life and my relationships has shifted in such beautiful ways. I have always been a deeply intuitive and self-aware person, but Source Code brings a language and a clarity to life that nothing has before.” –Bailey

“Something that makes the Source Code experience so different from therapy is how they show up and tune in. I have never witnessed such presence. I felt invited, maybe pulled, to join the journey to discover or rediscover something. It is person-centered in a whole different way. We establish connection and settle the body's systems in preparation for being part of something bigger. There is no blame, just compassion and safety. We learn to listen to our true self through all the senses, to find and absorb goodness, and to celebrate the shifts with such honesty and love that the changes stay. The body and self learn to want it, to want more.” –Source Code Client

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so that you feel safe enough to dive beneath your conscious stories to identify the underlying coding that’s been holding you back. We also believe that playfulness, love and joy are essential ingredients in the process of becoming whole.


Change is possible. We know this because as Source Code Solvents, we commit to doing the work on ourselves first. We are dedicated to our own wholeness in service of facilitating yours. In the course of the Source Code journey, we have changed our own lives and helped hundreds of clients to also change.


Becoming who you’ve always wanted to be is what Dr. Sam’s mentor Stephen Johnson calls “the hard work miracle”--an earned yet holy shift. It takes a lot of intention, attention and gumption to reconfigure who you are and how you show up in the world. The big payoff is how the world shows up for you in turn.

I'm Ready

Source Code offers the precise tools and a clear map that can help you find your way out of stuckness and into wholeness.


Beneath the confinement of your Coping Styles, there lies a beautiful essence that is patiently yet eagerly awaiting your arrival. Naming, healing and ultimately emerging from the old patterns, you get to embody more of your true nature, which vibrates with ease, joy and love. 


It is our highest wish to empower you to shed anything in the way of you becoming more of who you really are.


to work with Source Code Creator, Dr. Sam Rader

$1,776 PER MONTH

to work with a Certified Source Code Solvent

4-month commitment of weekly 50-minute sessions. 

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“Within six weeks of starting Source Code Business Coaching, I was able to generate multiple new revenue streams that are already bringing in millions of dollars. I had been thinking my business had to be run a certain way, and Source Code freed me up to see things quite differently. I began to understand my employees and clients in a new light, and as I adjusted how I saw them and treated them, frustrating old patterns resolved. I am more respected, and my team is running much more smoothly now. I’ve also begun showing up differently to meetings and I’m getting terrific feedback from clients. I didn’t realize how much my childhood wounds affected my professional identity and business practices. Source Code is a no-brainer if you want to increase profitability and have more fun at work.”

–CEO of Worldwide Financial Firm

“I am forever changed by Source Code. I finally have clarity surrounding who I am and who I'm here to be in this world.”

–Source Code Client

I'm Ready
Light and Shadow

Source Code Business Coaching is a new way for CEOs to take greater control in creating a thriving, lucrative business. We help you identify the patterns that have been holding you back, some of which you may not be aware of. 


Together, we discover any limiting core beliefs and assumptions, and we shift them to generate new patterns that bring you into a flow-state while expanding your business.

We teach you the cheat code to understanding the different personalities at work (both clients and employees) so that you can predict their behavior and create the most effective working strategies. We show you how to manage and relate with people differently to get the outcomes you want.

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that identifies the secret algorithms that have been running you, your colleagues, and your company. By bringing everything into the light, we empower you as the creator to recode everything to your liking.


When you shift the way that you think and the way that you work, this newfound alignment creates a boost in profitability and a healthier company culture.  



for weekly 1-hour sessions with Source Code Creator, Dr. Sam Rader


for weekly 1-hour sessions with a Certified Source Code Business Coach

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