Do you long for transformational change, both in yourself and your clients, but feel a little stuck?

Are you enthusiastic about exploring your internal world, and wish you had a clearer map?


Are you ready to experience a Holy Shift in your life, and learn to facilitate those shifts in others?

If so, The Coping Styles may be the missing link  you’ve been searching for.    


The 12-Week Cured Tim of Lifelong OCD


Love from past 12-Week Intensive participants


“After embarking on this journey, I was struck with a fierce sense of clarity. The universality of these Coping Styles quickly became evident, and I have since applied Source Code as the foundation from which to heal my clients. Moreover, it has become an integral part of my personal development. It feels as though I have woken up to the beauty of my life and I cannot look away from its brilliance.”

 Victoria Frenner, MFT


Participants in this 12-week live experiential zoom workshop will leave with:


A clear understanding of the stages of childhood development, and what a child needs at each stage to support their wholeness

• An in-depth understanding of each of the 12 Coping Styles and how they show up in our adult lives

• New insight into the holographic nature of reality and psyche

• A general understanding of the principles and practice of Source Code 

• A greater awareness of your own personal Coping Styles

• Tools to work through your own process of emergence from the Coping Styles

• Powerful techniques to help support others in their emergence

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If we were not supported during any phase of childhood development, we had to adapt by adopting a Coping Style.



We all have at least one, if not several of the Styles.


Our Coping Styles are unconscious defense mechanisms that have become our personality traits.


We’ve been trapped inside these invisible prisons for too long, and now is our time to emerge.

About Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam is a code breaker, truth-seeker, and student of life.


After eighteen years of practicing psychotherapy, Dr. Sam has moved on from her psychology career and developed her own approach: Source Code.


Source Code goes beyond psychology to focus on the spiritual dimension of healing. The goal is not to cure symptoms, but to allow individuals to connect with their true essence, which vibrates with ease, joy and love. 


Dr. Sam believes that our early childhood experience writes a source code in our unconscious, which then determines the rest of the way that our story unfolds. She helps individuals rewrite their code for a healthier, more beautiful life.

Dr. Sam is the owner and director at the Source Code Center in Los Angeles, where she guides a team of Source Code Solvents, who hold space for people to shed their defenses and step into wholeness.


Dr. Sam is the author of a forthcoming book from Harper Wave Publishers about the 12 Coping Styles we adopt during childhood, which helped us then and hurt us now, and how we can heal. Her process of discovering the Coping Styles required a decade of rigor, both in her previous professional role as psychologist and in her deep inner work of personal transformation. Sam's hope is for the book to be used as an owner’s manual for the Self—to bring positive change in the ways we relate with ourselves and others, and in how we parent our children.

Dr. Sam believes that with enough support, good boundaries, and real love, we are all capable of becoming who we really are.


About Marielle Skouras

Marielle is a Source Code Expert and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who was personally trained by Dr. Sam Rader.


Marielle is also a Source Code Conduit, working with a full caseload of 1:1 clients at the Source Code Center in Los Angeles.


Marielle has mastered the system of the 12 Coping Styles, and she utilizes them to facilitate holy shifts in her students and clients.


As a teacher, Marielle is gentle and intuitive, making her students feel safe and inspired. She empowers her students to trust themselves, and she loves the process of the 12-Week Intensive because of the magic and miracles that unfold every week.

Marielle was drawn to Source Code after taking her own journey of personal healing and realizing her purpose as a facilitator of the healing of others. She is committed to helping her students uncover the root causes of their lifelong problems so that they can step into more of who they really are and connect with their own life’s purpose.

About Ariel Robles

Ariel is a Source Code Expert and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who was personally trained by Dr. Sam Rader.


Ariel is also a Source Code Conduit, working with a full caseload of 1:1 clients at the Source Code Center in Los Angeles.


Ariel has mastered the system of the 12 Coping Styles, and she utilizes them to facilitate holy shifts in her students and clients.


As a teacher, Ariel brings warm calming energy that is grounding for her students. She is approachable and knowledgeable, and she loves walking people through the 12-Week Intensive because of the miraculous growth that occurs in each pod.  


Ariel offers the perfect blend of being gently challenging and radically accepting of her clients and students. She knows how to meet people right where they are, while inspiring them to let go of outdated defenses so they can expand into their authentic selves. 


As a bilingual Spanish speaking therapist with two different cultures of origin, Ariel welcomes diversity and the awareness how culture may influence a person’s life.


About Steve Kadel

Steve is as Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who was Dr. Sam’s teacher and mentor for ten years.


Steve’s profound knowledge of the unconscious mind gave Dr. Sam the foundation for the language of Source Code.


Steve’s wisdom and care allowed Sam to blossom into the healer that she is, and his receptivity and grace allowed him to be guided by her in turn. Steve completed Dr. Sam’s yearlong training in the Coping Styles and has become a Source Code Expert in his own right.


Steve is the former Executive Director of the Saturday Center for Psychology in West Los Angeles, a training facility where post-doctoral interns learn depth psychology in a private practice setting.

Steve’s approach to teaching is direct and clear, while also supportive and welcoming.


Steve has supervised the work of budding therapists for over 15 years, and he is excited to bring his warmth, humor and ability to cut to the heart of things to his Source Code students.

Dr. Sam and the Source Code Experts

Dr. Sam and Steve

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Dr. Sam and Marielle

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Dr. Sam and Ariel


“Learning about the Coping Styles has felt like being embraced by a warm hug after a long journey home. I know it is truth because it resonates deep in my bones.  I’ve felt able to understand, integrate, and utilize it for myself and my clients and it’s been profoundly helpful in my healing work. Dr. Sam is a gift to the world. She’s channeled this knowledge right from Source and I’m grateful to learn from her.”


— Stevie Wright, Life Coach & Breathwork Facilitator


“I have been in some form of therapy for most of my life starting from teenage years until now. I have read self-help books, been involved in 12-step programs, done the Artist’s Way, and attended healing and therapeutic weekend retreats and conventions. While I love all of these things, find immense value in them, and will continue to implement them in my life, nothing shook me so deeply as when I started incorporating Source Code into my being. Sam has helped me understand my core wounds, where they began, and how they get activated into reenactment. Bringing my subconscious to my conscious has given me the power of choice in which pathway I decide to use on a daily basis. I have been freed of many limiting beliefs that kept me stuck and transformed into a fluid, expansive, and centered human being. Through my own personal healing of these deep wounds, I get to now share the wealth with my clients. I get to take them on journeys through their psyches where we recondition their learned behaviors into a more holistically empowered sense of being. I get to watch them heal from the inside out, much like I did in my personal journey through Sam and Source Code.” 


— Lauren Burt, MFT

“Dr. Sam has created such an elegant and user-friendly tool that has helped me to connect with and understand more completely the ways in which early childhood reflections have the power to distort and inhibit our capacity to love and move freely in the world. I have used the Source Code model as a courageous tool for finding and healing both my own and my clients' unique shadows. I found this material to be a remarkably hopeful map to liberation and a fuller embodiment. Thank you.” 


— Taylor Ross, Founder of The Practice of Parenting


"Learning Source Code has sent me on a magic carpet ride to understanding myself down to my core for the first time in my life. I feel unchained and liberated from so many upper limiting beliefs that had me stuck on a plateau and I have so much more confidence and joy in my life. I have taken many wellness and healing classes and workshops, but nothing compares to the fascinating and delicious work I did with Source Code. It’s truly “the” code to unlocking your power and happiness, healing the inner child. I had a way of keeping myself small for the last twenty years that I really believed that is who I was. Now, I feel free to shine as bright as I want to without fear and a scathing self-critic inside shutting me down. I have learned to turn my open heart towards my pain and grief using love and the practices Dr. Sam teaches to transmute and heal it. I can sleep better at night and have made steps towards financial independence that I never had the courage to do in the past. Some of my most trying and difficult relationships with my family have been completely turned around by Dr. Sam’s work. I cry as I write this because I feel like I was in a dark room with no way out, maybe I would escape for a little while, but I was always brought back there. Dr. Sam’s work gave me the keys to unlock myself from that darkness for good, there’s no going back now! I feel so honored by the universe to be a part of this burgeoning lightning bolt of psychological revolution”


— Laura D., 12-Week Participant


Workshop Format


This course will be taught by Dr. Sam and one of three Source Code experts. You'll receive a lecture video prior to each session from Dr. Sam where she walks you through the nuances of each Coping Style. Dr. Sam will co-teach your first live class and will also lead a free bonus 13th week class where she teaches the symbolic language of the unconscious mind. The weekly Q&A and embodiment practices will be led by your Source Code Expert with drop-ins from Dr. Sam. 


Each week we will do a deep dive on one of the 12 Coping Styles.

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