Therapy can be a wonderful tool to aid your journey toward wholeness. Study after study shows that the biggest deciding factor on whether therapy is beneficial is the relationship between the client and the therapist. Therefore, finding a good match is very important. has an incredible tool called the Therapist Finder, where you can enter your zip code to find therapists near you. You can use the advanced search to find someone who matches your insurance, focuses on the problems you are looking to help, or utilizes techniques you feel drawn to.


The type of therapy that Dr. Sam Rader has personally found most useful, which she practices herself, is called psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy. These are “depth” approaches, meaning that they address not only our conscious thoughts and observable behaviors, but more importantly, the unconscious programming beneath that drives us.


In depth therapy, and psychoanalytic work specifically, the relationship between client and therapist is thoroughly explored. A re-parenting can occur as the young parts of the client attach to the therapist as caregiver. When we receive a new kind of care that we may not have gotten as children, our young parts can heal and emerge from any states of arrested development.


IF YOU ARE IN CALIFORNIA, Dr. Rader works with a team of warm, bright therapists who utilize the tools she’s developed in order to help clients become more of who they really are. Visit us at


If you are concerned about finances, there are low-fee clinics in most communities that can serve your needs. These are often not listed on Psychology Today and will instead require a google search. The search terms that could be helpful are “sliding scale therapy near me” or “low cost therapy near me.”