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Waiver & Confidentiality Agreement

When you made your purchase, you agreed to the following Term & Conditions:

  1. I promise to hold as confidential any personal information I hear from any of my fellow participants during the course. We are co-creating a safe container for people to share openly, and I promise to honor that.

  2. I know that this course is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. I am responsible for my own mental health and if I am in need of any professional or medical help, I will seek it out.

  3. I understand that this course will be recorded and replays will be sold. If I ask to be called on and I unmute myself, I understand that is my consent for my name and likeness to be seen and heard in the recordings.

  4. If I keep my video on but I do NOT unmute myself, I will not show up in the recording (which is set on ‘Speaker View’).

  5. I understand that I will have lifetime access to all video lectures.

  6. I understand that this workshop may be emotionally stimulating, and I will not hold Dr. Sam or Source Code responsible for my emotional wellbeing.

  7. I understand that teacher interaction is during class hours and on the Mighty Networks channel only. I will not DM, email, call or text the teacher, unless in response to the teacher contacting me directly.

  8. I understand that the Source Code Team has the right to remove any participant from the class at any time, if they feel that a participant’s presence may be harmful to themselves or others. If I am removed from the course I will be notified by the administrator and issued a full refund.

  9. I promise I will not disseminate any of the materials from this class without explicit permission from Dr. Sam Rader. 

  10. If I wish to use any of the terms or concepts that I learn from this course in any public forum such as social media, I promise to credit Dr. Sam verbally and also tag @drsamrader.

  11. I understand that all payments are final and that no refunds shall be granted.

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