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“I have never experienced life with as little fear as I have now.”

can help you dissolve brittle defenses, resolve childhood wounding and solve recurring problems.

A coding session with a Solvent is not therapy.

We do not get into the details of what happened in your day or your relationships. We look for the big picture and uncover the patterns of coding that rule all of the relationships and circumstances in your life.

Our work is to address the coding itself, rather than any concrete specifics. 

That is why Source Code is much briefer and deeper than most kinds of therapy. We get to the root cause of your pain and do the recoding there.

  • dissolve anxiety, depression and stress

  • create juicy, safe relationships with friends and family

  • cultivate love that lasts

  • increase their wealth

  • heal their relationship with food

  • release chronic pain & illness

  • fall in love with the universe

  • deepen their spirituality

  • discover their purpose

  • learn to love and trust themselves

  • parent their children with greater care and boundaries



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“Life changing. Revelatory. Effective AF. No matter what superlatives I use, it still won’t convey how ridiculously powerful coding was for me. I had been on a serious run of dramatic shifts all year and feeling more grounded than ever until a new experience smacked me in the face with an emphatic message, “You have not dealt with this wound yet!” I had been skirting the edges of it, but wasn’t able to fully connect with what it was and the way forward until I had a coding session with a Solvent.”

“The work I've done with my Solvent has been the deepest of any I've experienced with a coach or a therapist. Every week, she is able to shine a light on a part of me that has been living in the shadows for the majority of my life and then holds space for me as I feel something that I have not allowed myself to feel in just as long. These shadow parts of me are scared, and tender, and raw, and my Solvent helps me to see them through a lens of love and care as opposed to my initial reaction of fear and judgment. When I first began this work, I wondered what actions I needed to take to "fix" myself, but working with my Solvent has shown me that becoming conscious of, and deeply loving and accepting, every part of myself, is the work - there is nothing to fix. This work has brought about small, subtle shifts that are amounting to a massive change in me - a change that I can feel in every aspect of my life.”


“In a single hour, my Solvent was able to help me recognize and understand a lifelong pattern that affected my ability to love and be loved. After we finished, it was like someone pulled away a curtain of gauze obscuring my view. I could easily see how I got there, but more importantly, I saw the path forward was simple and beautiful.” 

“The Solvent sessions have been completely transformational for me. Each week, I seem to have more and more clarity around how these Coping Styles are showing up in my life. The changes I've been able to make with this clarity have been undoing a lifetime of struggle and negative patterns that have kept me stuck. I feel like I am uncovering who I truly am and am able to show up as my true self. This is life changing work.”  

“After my coding session, I kind of thought I would wake up and be a completely different person the next morning because the experience of releasing and finally expressing the grief and anger was so powerful but it’s showed up as lots of little shifts… noticing where I can really really feel and receive love and nourishment. Seeing myself stick to my boundaries. Honoring my intuition instead of gaslighting my feelings. More energy and space in my body. I wouldn’t have trusted it if everything turned upside down overnight but these little bite sized nuggets of goodness feel so GOOD. I still feel like I don’t have the right words for how much my Solvent’s love and care means. It felt like a giant hug of safety.”

“Thank you. I feel it already. A huge shift. It felt very preverbal. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something quite like that. I’m deeply grateful for this work.”


“I have experienced so much growth working with a Solvent that I don’t even recognize the person I was before. The warmth and non-judgmental nature of the coding work evokes so much vulnerability, which really allows me to reach the depths necessary for transformation. I’ve gotten to experience what it’s like to be held with so much love and care, which is truly life changing. I feel so grateful for where I am in my life and how good life feels because of Source Code.”

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