Dr. Sam takes a holistic, outside-the-box approach in therapy. She seeks to illuminate the internal world of her clients, while helping each individual connect to themselves, others and the world at large in a meaningful way. 


Dr. Sam works to build an authentic, trusting relationship and aims to embody warmth, optimism, curiosity and empathy.


After eighteen years of practicing psychotherapy, Dr. Sam has developed her own therapeutic approach: Source Code Psychology.

She believes that our early childhood experience writes a source code in our unconscious, which then determines how the rest of our story unfolds. Dr. Sam helps individuals re-write their code for a healthier, more beautiful life.


She is the owner and clinical director at the Source Code Center in Los Angeles, where she employs and supervises a team of mental health practitioners who practice Source Code therapy.


Dr. Sam is the author of an upcoming book to be released in 2022 with Harper Wave Publishers about the 12 Coping Styles we adopt during childhood and how we can heal. 

 Victoria Frenner, MFT

“After embarking on the Source Code journey, I was struck with a fierce sense of clarity.

It feels as though I have woken up to the beauty of my life and

I cannot look away from its brilliance.”

We are now accepting adult individuals, couples and teens as clients at the Source Code Center.


Unlike other therapy styles that aim to manage symptoms (depression, anxiety, relationship issues, angst), Source Code therapists locate the root cause and put the healing there, so that the presenting problem is no longer a problem.


There is a beautiful essence at your core that is patiently yet eagerly awaiting your arrival. Naming, healing and ultimately emerging from the confinement of your old unconscious patterns, you get to embody more of your true nature, which vibrates with ease, joy and love. 


It is the Source Code team’s highest wish to empower you to shed anything in the way of becoming more of who you really are.