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The Art of Recoding
The Matrix

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In this highly experiential 6-month program, I will take you on a deep dive into the symbolic realm to see beyond the matrix to the coding underneath. 


In the same way that the image of a “magic eye” painting pops out after staring at it long enough, I will teach you to see through the concrete world into the symbolic coding that drives our entire lived experience. The circumstances in our lives are like a symphony with variations on a theme, where the patterns keep repeating. I’ll help you see these patterns clearly & teach you how to speak the language of the unconscious, so that you can recode yourself, your loved ones and your clients for the rest of your life.

When the code shifts . . .

  • You awaken into a world where you feel happy, empowered and free. 

  • You are effortlessly able to create healthy, juicy, satisfying relationships. 

  • You experience wealth and abundance in money, love, energy and time. 

  • And you are connected more deeply with your essence and your purpose, so you can finally do what you came to do in this world.


My name is Dr. Sam and I am a Source Code Solvent. I know how to dissolve brittle defenses, resolve childhood wounding and solve recurring problems. My mission is to help liberate people from recurring painful patterns so that we can live from love and together cocreate a more beautiful world. 

Many people don’t realize that we can instantly shift out of lifelong patterns when we are held in the right way, with the right attunement and a focus on the coding rather than the concrete. 


I’ve developed a quantum technology called Source Code, which allows us to see beyond the surface of things and step into a new reality that is more vibrant, loving and expansive.


For the first time, I will pull back the curtain and reveal exactly how Source Code works, and I will guide you to embody the CONSCIOUS CODER ARCHETYPE for the greater good of humanity. 


As a participant in this beautiful, intimate and FUN journey, you will leave with:


  • An embodied understanding of the fractal nature of reality

  • X-ray vision to see beyond the matrix into the coding that creates our world

  • A new identity as the Conscious Coder of your own life

  • Tools to help others recode and shift their reality

  • A community of heart-centered, depthful and playful fellow coders

Start date:

January 4th, 2023


End date:

June 28th, 2023

Weekly 2-Hour Group Sessions

Wednesdays 4-6pm PST

Space is limited, apply now





The Art of Recoding the Matrix is sold as a bundle with free lifetime access to:


$44 Value


$44 Value

$OURCE: Unlocking the codes to quantum wealth

$111 Value

BREAK YOUR F💎CE: Unlocking the quantum codes to a new identity

$333 Value



$444 Value


Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 16_edited_edited.jpg

Early Bird Perks (sign up before Dec 5th, 2022):

  • One 1:1 private coding session with Sam ($1,111 value, spots limited)

  • Three 1:1 private coding sessions w a Certified Source Code Solvent ( $1,332 value)


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