The Source Code Quine is a year-long program taught by Dr. Sam Rader for people who are are already masters of their own craft. If you are a coach, therapist, light worker, educator, storyteller, activist or healer and you have been looking to deepen your practice, we invite you to apply...

We will meet twice per month in 3-hour chunks via zoom. There will only be 22 participants per Quine. Each month, we do a deep dive on one of the coping styles, which are the 11 blocks to our human potential.

You will be given reading material, then learn the styles together both intellectually and experientially. Each of you will have a chance to work one on one with Dr. Sam Rader within the group.


The Quine starts in October 2020, the commitment is one year, and the cost is $300 per month.

Participants in the Quine will leave with:

• A clear understanding of the stages of childhood psychological development, and what a child needs at each stage to support their wholeness

• An in-depth understanding of each of the 11 coping styles and how they show up in our adult lives

• New insight into the holographic nature of reality and psyche

• A general understanding of the principles and practice of Source Code Psychology

• A greater awareness of your own personal coping styles

• A new understanding of the behavior of others--friends, family, lovers, clients, real and fictional characters in media

• Tools to work through your own process of emergence from the coping styles

• Techniques to help support others in their emergence

This is the first time Dr. Sam will teach this material to people outside of the therapists she trains at her psychotherapy practice. It is her wish to impart this wisdom with a greater community so that each of you can integrate this treasure into your own life's purpose. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY...Please hit the 'apply now' button below and email us with a little bit of information about yourself--who you are, what you do, and why you feel drawn to join the Quine.