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12-Week Coping Styles Intensive with Dr. Sam and Maya Nicole

Waiver & Confidentiality Agreement

By enrolling in this course I agree to the following Term & Conditions:

  1. I promise to hold as confidential any personal information I hear from any of my fellow participants during the course. We are co-creating a safe container for people to share openly, and I promise to honor that.

  2. I know that this course is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. I am responsible for my own mental health and if I am in need of any professional or medical help, I will seek it out.  

  3. I know this course is not a substitute for clinical supervision. I take responsibility for monitoring the mental health of my clients and taking whatever means necessary to contain and treat them effectively. 

  4. I understand that this workshop may be emotionally stimulating, and I will not hold Dr. Sam, Maya Nicole or any other facilitator or administrator or Source Code responsible for my emotional wellbeing.

  5. I understand that teacher interaction is during class hours and on the Slack channel only. I will not DM, email, call or text the teacher, unless in response to the teacher contacting me directly.

  6. I understand that the Source Code Team has the right to remove any participant from the class at any time, if they feel that a participant’s presence may be harmful to themselves or others. If I am removed from the course I will be notified by the administrator and issued a full refund.

  7. I understand that the session will be recorded and available to the participants of the class through the duration of the course and for two weeks after the course completes, to rewatch for learning purposes. The audio / visual recordings of myself will NEVER be used for promotional materials, unless I directly consent.

  8. I understand that I will have access to all replays up until two weeks after the course concludes.

  9. I promise I will not disseminate any of the materials from this class without explicit permission from Dr. Sam Rader. If I wish to use any of the terms or concepts that I learn from this course in any public forum such as social media, I promise to credit Dr. Sam verbally and also tag @drsamrader.

  10. I understand that all payments are final and that no refunds shall be granted.

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