Our Coping Styles are the unconscious defense mechanisms that we adopted during childhood. These styles are the glitches in the source code of our unconscious, and they continue to influence our reality now.


Each Style is a reaction to a specific unmet need within our first five years of life. Even parents with the best of intentions make mistakes, especially since most are not aware of the subtle developmental needs of a child.

Over time, these patterns of coping become our way of seeing the world and relating to others and to ourselves. They are so ingrained that they can feel like our identity, when actually they are old wounds getting in our way.


WE ALL HAVE AT LEAST ONE, IF NOT SEVERAL of the Coping Styles. Source Code is the practice of identifying and healing them.


What helped us during childhood is in our way now. When we uncover and name these outdated defense mechanisms, we begin the process of emergence into who we really are.

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