Source Code is the practice of identifying the unconscious algorithms behind our negative patterns and rewriting them for a healthier, more beautiful life.


We are all born whole, yet we become limited by the programming we receive in our early days. Through our childhood experiences, we learn how to understand ourselves and the world, and how to be in relationships.


We go through several developmental stages in our first five years of life, in which we need a certain kind of support to become whole. If we do not get what we need during any of these stages, we adopt Coping Styles to get by. Our development is arrested and we keep attracting and living out the same painful patterns we grew up with.


Dr. Sam Rader has created a system of working with the Coping Styles and rewriting our code. She teaches her team at the Source Code Center in Los Angeles how to get under each client’s conscious content to decipher the unconscious code that’s been holding them back. By addressing the code rather than the concrete, and by embodying a new energetic reference for what is possible, Source Code Conduits help restore their clients to wholeness.

Dr. Sam is also authoring an upcoming book that invites the public to explore the Coping Styles that make up their Source Code. Her hope is for the book to be used as an owner’s manual for the Self—to bring positive change in the ways we relate with ourselves and others, and in how we parent our children.