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We all have at least one, if not several Coping Styles. Source Code is the practice of identifying and healing them all. Discover your top Coping Style to begin a journey of radical yet gentle transformation.

The Pocket Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the 12 Coping Styles and their Antidotes. This is the perfect place to start your Source Code journey.

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Source Code tends to attract the most loving, safe, heart-centered people. Join our free online community for more connection with like-minded individuals on a growth and learning path.

How does our own sense of personal power affect how our kids develop their willpower?

In this experiential and informative 40 minute parenting masterclass, Dr. Sam will bring you to a deeper awareness of your own relationship to personal power and how that affects your kids.


When we shift our relationship with our insides—what we believe and feel and the unconscious patterns we act from—our world shifts with us. In the final episode of season four, Baratunde sits down with Source Code creator and former psychologist, Dr. Sam Rader, about how we can learn to citizen on a deeper level.

This episode is so potent, has so much magic, and gives all the codes to a full expansion and embodiment of lifeforce.

"Listening to this session was like being coded myself. I felt I was inside the pattern with you guys, and it was an exact replica of me. As Kristina talked about her experience, I felt that version of me get filled up with love and then dissolve back into my true self.”

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