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7. Leaders
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“Within six weeks of starting Source Code sessions, I was able to generate multiple new revenue streams, bringing in millions of dollars. I had been thinking my business had to be run a certain way, and Source Code freed me up to see things quite differently. I began to understand my employees and clients in a new light, and as I adjusted how I saw them and treated them, frustrating old patterns resolved. I am more respected, and my team is running much more smoothly now. I’ve also begun showing up differently to meetings and I’m getting terrific feedback from clients. I didn’t realize how much my childhood wounds affected my professional identity and business practices. Source Code is a no-brainer if you want to increase profitability and have more fun at work.”  –CEO of Worldwide Financial Firm


is a new way for Founders, Leaders, and CEOs to take greater control in creating a thriving, successful organization. WE HELP YOU IDENTIFY THE PATTERNS THAT HAVE BEEN HOLDING YOU BACK, some of which you may not be aware of. 


Together, we discover the lifelong blocks that may be limiting you and we shift them to generate new patterns that bring you into a FLOW-STATE while expanding your organization.

WE TEACH YOU THE CHEAT CODE  to understanding different personalities in your profession (both clients and employees) so that you can predict their behavior and create the most effective working strategies. We show you how to manage and relate with people differently to get the outcomes you want.


Source Code is a technology that identifies the secret algorithms that have been running you, your colleagues, and your organiztion. By bringing everything into the light, WE EMPOWER YOU AS THE CREATOR TO RECODE EVERYTHING TO YOUR LIKING.


When you shift the way that you think and the way that you work, this newfound alignment creates a boost in profitability and a healthier work culture. 

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