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“I have never experienced life with as little fear as I have now.”


I’m so glad you found your way to Source Code.


It is my highest wish to empower you to shed anything in the way of becoming more of who you really are.



I’ve devoted the last decade of my life to cracking the code on human suffering.


I discovered that there are only 12 painful inherited defense mechanisms that make life hard for us, and Source Code is the map to liberation from them all.


The 12 Coping Styles are the unconscious defense mechanisms we adopt during childhood that become our adult “personality traits.” We all have several.

Our Coping Styles give us a painfully skewed experience of ourselves or the world, and they unconsciously attract the same problems that created them in the first place.

Source Code is the practice of naming and healing our Coping Styles to find greater love, joy and freedom from old patterns.




“Source Code brings such beautiful articulation to the deepest parts of the human experience. I have never felt so seen, so understood nor so hopeful in my life. The way that I show up for myself, my life and my relationships has shifted in such beautiful ways. I have always been a deeply intuitive and self-aware person, but Source Code brings a language and a clarity to life that nothing has before.” –Bailey B.



Our clients have shared that they've found relief from many lifelong struggles by using the wisdom of Source Code, including:


  • Finally feeling understood and a sense of belonging in this world

  • Letting go of anxiety and being able to slow down and be present

  • Less emotional reactivity and more peace and acceptance

  • No longer feeling broken or defective, but rather loveable and loved

  • No more fear of confrontation, able to be beautifully honest

  • Relishing nourishment, not overgiving all the time

  • Feeling secure, not comparing or evaluating the self

  • Moving from stuckness to flow, impotence to empowerment

  • Waking up to the interconnectedness of all things

  • Standing into full radiance and potency, not stooping or hiding

  • Holding clear boundaries in romance and all relationships

  • Trusting an inner authority, less afraid of outer judgment


Source Code Coaching is the process of

working with a Source Code Solvent

to uncover and integrate unconscious patterns so that you can live from your higher self and experience the life you truly desire.


If you're ready for the deep, deep dive, working one on one with a Solvent for weekly meetings in a four-month container will allow you to experience a total transformation of Self. 


In an intimate group of 4-6 beautiful souls, with guidance from your Solvent, you get to support and witness one another in the magical process of unfoldment. A four-month container.


“Thank you for creating a space and offering me the experience of being safe. Safe enough in my body to stay. Safe enough to be vulnerable, to breathe, to feel. Safe enough to change.” –May L.


I work with a team of heart-centered coaches who are masterful space holders in the Source Code process of life changing discovery. 


Each member of the team was hand picked and personally trained by me. 


As practitioners of Source Code, we call ourselves Solvents because we dissolve brittle defense mechanisms, resolve childhood wounds and solve recurring problems.

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We do this by making the unconscious conscious, by helping you tune into messages from your higher self, by embodying a new reference of love, and by empowering you to become the creative coder of your own life.


We hold a loving, playful and supportive container so that you feel safe enough to dive beneath your conscious stories and identify the underlying coding that’s been holding you back.


“Something that makes the Source Code experience so different from therapy is how they show up and tune in. I have never witnessed such presence. I felt invited, maybe pulled, to join the journey to discover or rediscover something. It is person-centered in a whole different way. We establish connection and settle the body's systems in preparation for being part of something bigger. There is no blame, just compassion and safety. We learn to listen to our true self through all the senses, to find and absorb goodness, and to celebrate the shifts with such honesty and love that the changes stay. The body and self learn to want it, to want more.” –Joy M.


Change is possible. We know this because as Source Code Solvents, we commit to doing the work on ourselves first. We are dedicated to our own wholeness in service of facilitating yours. 


In the course of the Source Code journey, we have changed our own lives and helped hundreds of clients also change.



“I have been devoted to my personal growth and healing for 10 years and it wasn't until I found Source Code that I realized I had been skimming the surface the whole time. This is THE work.”

–Brigid S.

“I’ve never seen shifts like this happen to me in my life…Source Code brings endless breakthroughs and matrix-defying moments."

–KC V.

“I've struggled with really bad OCD for a long time and sat in many therapist offices trying to work through it.

And now I can say it's gone.”

–Tim S.

“My relationship to food is just different. I can eat without worrying or having any restriction. I just eat and it’s good.”

–Rachel N.

“I've gone my entire life feeling unworthy and incapable of using my voice. With Source Code

I feel loved, connected, nourished, and radiant—like a queen in my own right.”

–Tay E.

“Source Code has been the clear mirror that has led me back to see myself, others, and the world

with immense beauty, love, and connectedness.”

–Kristine K.

“All I can say is that I'm not scared of life anymore.”

–Dani N.




If your application is accepted, you will begin the Source Code journey by speaking with me over the phone so that I can listen carefully to what you need and work my magic to match you with the Solvent who I believe will be the perfect fit to facilitate your journey.


Becoming who you’ve always wanted to be is “the hard work miracle”--an earned yet holy shift. 


Source Code opens your eyes to a new way of being that makes the impossible possible, and opens your heart to embrace all the parts of yourself and everyone else. 


“After embarking on the Source Code journey, I was struck with a fierce sense of clarity. It feels as though I have woken up to the beauty of my life and I cannot look away from its brilliance.” –Victoria F.


Beneath the confinement of calcified defense mechanisms, there lies your beautiful essence that is patiently yet eagerly awaiting your arrival. 


Only you know if you are ready now to name, heal and ultimately emerge from old patterns and embody more of your true nature, which vibrates with ease, joy and love.

“I am just beginning to understand the magnitude of the depth inward and reach outward of Source Code. I am feeling myself looking forward to how much I can continue to grow and how much I can change the world around me, in maybe even more than just my pod. It seems so big, I get shaky, though maybe the shakiness is potential and not fear. Thinking about it, I have never experienced life with as little fear as I have now.” –Mary B.