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If you are Masked, you have an uncanny ability to read people. It’s almost like you know them better than they know themselves. 


You may be good at accents, impersonations, singing, or acting. If so, you can parrot any sound and embody what you see in others. 


You are highly expressive, verbal and social. 


People feel totally understood by you. You’re able to attune to them and make anyone feel comfortable.


You are great at keeping the conversation in flow and keeping connection going, both in one-on-one and in groups.


The only issue is that you are often attuning to everyone else at the expense of yourself. You may sometimes feel lonely and feel like you wish others could be as tuned into your experience as you are tuned into theirs.


You may struggle with feeling misunderstood and you deeply wish to feel heard, seen, felt, and believed. 


If you are ready to stop working so hard in your relationships and allow others to finally meet you where you are….if you are ready to feel believed and felt without having to explain yourself…


Do you long to stop working so hard in relationships and allow others to finally attune to you?


Are you ready to feel believed, understood and felt by others in the same way you so deeply understand them?


Inside the DISCONNECTED to CONNECTED $11 mini-course from Dr. Sam, you will be given tools to begin your journey of emerging from the Disconnected Masked Coping Style and becoming more truly Connected in a way that allows others to feel you.


This course includes a video of Dr. Sam explaining everything you need to know about your Masked Disconnected Coping Style and how to heal it, journaling prompts to work through it, and a beautiful guided meditation from Dr. Sam to guide you into attracting deeper connection from others.

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