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If you’ve been living with the OMNIPOTENT Style, you’ve been quite sensitive to your environment. Everything has to be just so. Any little thing can make you fly off the handle—an unpleasant sensation, an unmet expectation, someone disagreeing with you. Then, just as quickly, you return to feeling great when the “problem” is resolved.


You’ve tried to control everything around you in order to feel safe and comfortable. You’ve been fixed and certain in your beliefs and at times quite pushy with others. You’ve wanted everything to go your way on the outside because you haven’t known how to self-regulate or self-soothe inside.


Healing your OMNIPOTENT wound means dropping from your head into your heart, and learning to contain and hold yourself. When you are SAFE, you hold the good with the bad and know that it’s ok to not feel ok sometimes. Because you can self-soothe and stay relaxed through life’s ups and downs, you no longer have that reactive need to dominate. You are fine with the world just as it is. As you stop pushing and forcing, even more of your true needs for love, safety and ease are finally met.

Do you long to feel safe letting others take the lead at times because you can finally trust that you’re not the only one who has to do it all?


Are you ready to stop feeling reactive and hypersensitive to your surroundings?


Inside the OMNIPOTENT to SAFE $11 mini-course from Dr. Sam, you will be given tools to begin your journey of emerging from the Omnipotent Coping Style and become Safe.


This course includes a video of Dr. Sam explaining everything you need to know about your Omnipotent Coping Style and how to let it go, journaling prompts to work through it, and a beautiful guided meditation from Dr. Sam to guide you into feeling more Safe.


The painful patterns you’ve been living with do not have to be a life sentence. You can free yourself now.

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