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If you’ve been living with the PREMATURE Style, your needs have always been last on the list. You are a giver and a doer, providing for others and finding worth in your accomplishments. You haven’t wanted to be the squeaky wheel; you’ve worried you would be too much.


In order to cope, you’ve donned your cape and played superhero. Then you’ve collapsed and gotten sick when you’ve run out of gas. You haven’t known that it’s ok to take time for yourself or take in what you need. You may have a complicated relationship with food because you feel bad about the part of you that is hungry.


Healing your PREMATURE wound means honoring your healthy limits and learning that it’s ok to need and to feed, both literally and emotionally. It means developing a healthy, intuitive relationship with food while receiving good care from others and creating more reciprocal relationships. When you are NOURISHED, you experience pleasure and satiation. You consistently fill up your tank so that you never have to run on fumes and get “hangry”. When hunger is finally paired with feeding, you are resourced and life tastes sweeter.


Do you wish you could ask for help and receive it without feeling like a burden?


Are you ready to relax, open up, and finally receive the kind of love and care you so generously give to others?


Inside the PREMATURE to NOURISHED $11 mini-course from Dr. Sam, you will be given tools to begin your journey of emerging from the Premature Coping Style and become Nourished.


This course includes a video of Dr. Sam explaining everything you need to know about your Premature Coping Style and how to let it go, journaling prompts to work through it, and a beautiful guided meditation from Dr. Sam to guide you into feeling more Nourished.


The painful patterns you’ve been living with do not have to be a life sentence. You can free yourself now.

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