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If you’ve been living with the SQUASHED Style, you light up the room, yet you've done everything in your power to hide your shine. You’ve stooped and worn a big smile on your face with your shoulders up around your ears. Or you've pretended to be invisible. You've wanted so badly to be liked and have deeply feared being hated.


In order to cope, you make yourself small. You can’t believe there is anything enviable about you yet you have been the target of bullies who are secretly jealous. You’ve felt as if you are nothing; just a kid. You’ve been overly nice and haven’t understood why they are mean. The truth is that you are like Cinderella—kept away from the ball by those who don’t want to be outshined.


Healing your SQUASHED wound means putting your shoulders down and standing ERECT. It means acknowledging all the beauty and the power that you hold and using it for good. When you claim your radiance and your potency, people are actually relieved to see you being true to yourself. You become a leader and a mature adult who respects yourself and commands respect. Resplendent while conscientious, you finally go to the ball and play in the big leagues.

Are you ready to claim your full potential, step into your power and become a leader and an inspiration?


Do you wish to experience yourself as truly radiant and potent?


Inside the SQUASHED to ERECT $11 mini-course from Dr. Sam, you will be given tools to begin your journey of emerging from the Squashed Coping Style and stand Erect.


This course includes a video of Dr. Sam explaining everything you need to know about your Squashed Coping Style and how to let it go, journaling prompts to work through it, and a beautiful guided meditation from Dr. Sam to guide you into feeling more Erect.


The painful patterns you’ve been living with do not have to be a life sentence. You can free yourself now.

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