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If you’ve been living with the SYMBIOTIC Style, you haven’t wanted to rock the boat. You fear confrontation and go with the flow. You tell others what they want to hear because you don’t want them to be mad at you. You’ve feared that if you were to firm up, take shape, and be your own separate person, something catastrophic would happen.


In order to cope, you’ve had to hide your true self away. You haven’t felt that it’s ok to say no or hold boundaries. You’ve often latched onto powerful people and become their sidekick. Then when you realize you’ve given up too much of yourself, you’ve cut off and ended relationships, rather than staying close and being honest.


Healing your SYMBIOTIC wound means holding onto yourself in every situation. It means sometimes challenging others in order to maintain your integrity, without having to run away. When you are SOLID, you become your own source of knowing, wealth, and power. Trusting your agency and capacity, you get to be more real with others because you know that you have everything you need inside.


Do you wish you could emerge from confusion and feel more powerful, certain and clear?


Are you ready to experience beautiful loving relationships where it is safe for you to firm up, take shape, trust yourself and use your voice?


Inside the SYMBIOTIC to SOLID $11 mini-course from Dr. Sam, you will be given tools to begin your journey of emerging from the Symbiotic Coping Style and become Solid.


This course includes a video of Dr. Sam explaining everything you need to know about your Symbiotic Coping Style and how to let it go, journaling prompts to work through it, and a beautiful guided meditation from Dr. Sam to guide you into feeling more Solid.


The painful patterns you’ve been living with do not have to be a life sentence. You can free yourself now.

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